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To provide an environment for athletes of all types to grow and learn while holding each other to a high degree of accountability and improving the community around them. CrossFit Wenatchee focuses on helping athletes develop a love for fitness and integrating the strength and confidence they gain in the gym in to their daily lives. Our Coaching staff, and their unique backgrounds and skill-set, provide a welcoming environment for athletes of all levels and are here to help you reach your goals both inside and outside of the gym.

Featured Athlete

  • Rhett Humphry

     It was a pretty easy pick for our newest Featured Athlete! Rhett joined CrossFit Wentachee about 6 months ago after moving here from Spokane and immediately fit right in. 

    It would be hard to find a more positive person than Rhett... he is encouraging and cheering for other athletes from the moment the WOD begins until after it ends, making sure he has given everyone a high five and a "good job!" Rhett works hard and a great positive energy to have at CrossFit Wenatchee! Congratulations Rhett, you earned it! 

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Blog - Raise The Bar

  • The Thousand Yard Stare

    So some time during the Open, while I was 7 ½ months pregnant and doing burpees over the bar and thrusters, someone mentioned to me that they liked watching me work out because the expression on my face never changes. It’s one look, one semi-blank stare as I work through each movement until the end. I’d never really thought about it until then, but thinking about it I realized that I try NOT to get emotional during a wod.

  • Why CrossFit?

    It's difficult to explain to a non-CrossFitter why we do what we do. On some level they "get it"... the fitness part anyway.

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