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Our Vision:

To provide an environment for athletes of all types to grow and learn while holding each other to a high degree of accountability and improving the community around them. CrossFit Wenatchee focuses on helping athletes develop a love for fitness and integrating the strength and confidence they gain in the gym in to their daily lives. Our Coaching staff, and their unique backgrounds and skill-set, provide a welcoming environment for athletes of all levels and are here to help you reach your goals both inside and outside of the gym.

Featured Athlete

  • Nate Bergstrom

    Our newest Featured Athlete is SBD. That's right, I said it... Silent, But Deadly.

    Nate works tirelessly, and mostly quietly, on his technique and form. He isn't loud about what he is doing, but if you pay attention you will see him over in the corner working on bar technique, or on the rings working his muscle up progression. He has also helped with so many projects around the gym I think I have officially lost count!

    Nate is calm, respectful, hardworking.. and might I add that he looks great in that buff :) Congratulations! All of your hard work and dedication is paying off!

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Blog - Raise The Bar

  • Why CrossFit?

    It's difficult to explain to a non-CrossFitter why we do what we do. On some level they "get it"... the fitness part anyway.

  • I Say Good-bye, You Say Hello!

    We are sad to say "see ya later" (I HATE good-bye) to one of our long-time friends and coaches, Amber Lindsey. Amber has been here since BEFORE the beginning. First as an athlete, and then as one of our first interns and coaches. It has been amazing watching her grow in her athletic abilities, as well as her passion for teaching others.Each of us have our own style, and Amber's has always been a quiet driving force of consistency, humility and encouragement for all of those around her.

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